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Setting You Up for Growth

Clutter is the biggest challenge today and marketing professionals have to beat it to stay afloat. While millions today work in Digital Marketing, the companies actually need dynamic and well-rounded digital-business professionals to lead their digital business strategies and programs. They want professionals who’ve risen over SEO and Social Media, and are more complete and richer in their understanding and perspective of how the internet and convergence can energize their turnstiles and expand customer-base. The three GDMI Credentials are the most powerful international validations today with professional excellence, promise, and potential in Digital Marketing and business.

  • The ADMP Certification

    The ADMP Certification

    Hinged on the groundbreaking GDMI Digital Marketing Professional Excellence (DMPX) framework, the Associate Digital Marketing Professional (ADMP) Certification is available across 178 countries. It has been designed to work as the most powerful launcher-credential for young professionals wanting to move into Digital Marketing. The ADMP is also the most ideal top-up qualification for undergraduates/ Bachelor’s students of business, management, computing, & other related disciplines.

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  • The DMP Certification

    The DMP Certification

    The Digital Marketing Professional (DMP) Certification is designed for accelerating career growth of marketers and sales professionals who are in the early part of their careers. The DMP Credential is also based on the GDMI-DMPX framework and is available in 178 countries. The DMP is also the most ideal top-up qualification for Master's Degree level students in business, management, computing, & other related disciplines.

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  • The SDMP Certification

    The SDMP Certification

    The Senior Digital Marketing Professional (SDMP) Certification, intended for marketing and sales professionals considering a shift toward Digital Marketing, and for ambitious digital marketers looking for a rise in career, is based on the globally tested GDMI knowledge framework the DMPX™ Release: 15-2.3. It is available in 178 countries. SDMP demonstrates how a global Digital Marketing credential peps up promising marketing careers that’ve just started, and takes them to the next level!

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  • The GDML Certification

    The GDML Certification

    World’s only credential that ratifies highest-order proficiencies in modeling, planning, and managing Digital Marketing strategies and programs, the Global Digital Marketing Leader (GDML) Certification suits senior and accomplished marketing professionals who desire to expand and amplify their professional impact in digital business and marketing. Through the DMPX-based GDML, GDMI intends to create a new global league of digital leaders.

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Each business is a victim of Digital Darwinism, the evolution of consumer behavior when society and technology evolve faster than the ability to exploit it. Digital Darwinism does not discriminate. Every business is threatened.

Brian Solis
Digital Analyst, Speaker, and Author.

Partner GDMI

Organizations across the board are going digital with an unprecedented pace. They need high-performance digital-workforce as well as digital leaders who can steer high-speed revenue machines. GDMI partners experience a whole new world of global opportunities in education, training, and development of future digital leaders. Partnering GDMI of course, gets you to build powerful real-time bridges, too, with the state-of-the-art in Digital Marketing thought and practice worldwide.

Universities and B-Schools

For Universities, B-Schools & Higher Education Institutions

Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree students from diverse majors and backgrounds are choosing Digital Marketing careers. GDMI has identified universities and business schools as the ideal breeders of world-class Digital Marketing professionals who will become the digital leaders of tomorrow. Institutions are invited to partner GDMI and offer the DMPX-aligned ADMP & DMP Certifications right from their campuses.

  • Attract bigger employers to the campus for hiring, outreach, and exchange
  • Amplify employability of graduating students across the entire breadth of majors and specializations
  • Enrich quality and approach of digital and tech-enabled marketing education and research
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Training Institutions

For Corporate Training & Professional Development Companies

GDMI is rapidly expanding its network of professional training organizations that offer Digital Marketing training and development solutions on the exacting GDMI standards. They leverage the world-class GDMI Digital Marketing credentials, standards, certifications, and knowledge networks:

  • To further their credibility as providers of leading-edge Digital Marketing & Business Management training
  • To multiply revenue streams and enhance their bottomlines; GDMI Digital Marketing credentials are high-demand, fast-selling global knowledge products
  • To scale up their business swiftly as sharply differentiated providers of state-of-the-art Digital Marketing training synced to GDMI credentials and knowledge framework.
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Learning Resources

Propped by an untiring spate of revolutions in Information & Communication Technologies (ICT), the Digital has invaded every corner of business, management, and organizations today. The frontiers of Digital Marketing are rapidly expanding to amplify the capacities of the Marketing function for making more direct impacts to how businesses in the 21st century can compete and grow amidst flux and uncertainty. In its continuous efforts to fill up a long-felt void on vendor-neutral, platform-independent, scientifically treated, reliable, researched, and insightful knowledge in the discipline, GDMI publishes high-quality reading and reference resources available in digital and printed formats for a wide variety of Digital Marketing stakeholders. Two of the more important of these are the GDMI-DMBoK – the Digital Marketing Body of Knowledge and the GDMI Learning Deck – the exam preparation kit. These resources are given away without any extra change to all individuals who complete their registration for the GDMI ADMP, SDMP, and GDML Certification programs. The GDMI Learning Deck is the world’s first, the only standards-based, the most comprehensive, and the most authoritative text ever written on Digital Marketing.

If you desire to contribute to GDMI efforts on building up a world-class repository of knowledge on Digital Marketing, do write to us.



Yes. GDMI Certification programs are available almost everywhere on the planet. You can register online; study up for your certification exams; schedule your certification exams online on the Pearson website/ portal; and take it right in your city! Exclusive, dedicated Pearson test centers are also arranged for GDMI partner-organizations upon request. Exams for GDMI Certifications are 100% computer-based and can be taken anywhere around the world in the Pearson authorized test centers. Currently, GDMI exams are delivered in English across 7000+ state-of-the art test centers covering at least ten largest cities of each of the 178 countries.

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