GDMI is a premier global credentialing body for Digital Marketing professionals.

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Enabling Digital Marketing Excellence

The Global Digital Marketing Institute (GDMI) researches, designs, enables, and validates Digital Marketing excellence through the world’s most credible standards and certifications. The overarching objective of GDMI is to serve the Digital Marketing profession by providing professionals with comprehensive resources that improve their efficiency and expertise in the job and keep them abreast of the latest trends in the field. We take pride in the fact that GDMI is recognized for leading global efforts to identify, adopt, and adhere to the latest thoughts, functions, and practices of Digital Marketing.

The Associate Digital Marketing Professional (ADMP), the Digital Marketing Professional (DMP), the Senior Digital Marketing Professional (SDMP), and the Global Digital Marketing Leader (GDML) Credentials stand tall as the world's most reliable qualifications for top-of-the-line Digital Marketing professionals. These credentials are fleshed around GDMI-DMPX framework – the Digital Marketing Professional Excellence framework - the world's most powerful knowledge model for excellence in Digital Marketing profession and practice.

Validating promise, proficiencies, and potential for professional excellence across 10 capstone Necessary Knowledge-Nodes, the ADMP, the DMP, the SDMP, and the GDML programs have their credentialing policies, exam structure, and award protocols derived from the GDMI-DMBoK Release15-2.1 – the Digital Marketing Body of Knowledge.

The three GDMI Certifications are now available across 178 countries through the GDMI-Pearson network, assuming rapid international acceptance and respect among marketers, digital leaders, sales professionals, IT and management students, and even entrepreneurs alike. The certifications sweep across 10 DMBoK capstone knowledge areas covering the entire spectrum of dimensions critical for Digital Marketing success in the ever-evolving Digital Marketing landscape.

GDMI's very focus is on breeding the digital leaders of the future – those, who will deftly, confidently and maturely handle all the forces that impact revenues, customer base, expansion, and brands of organizations.

GDMI Certifications

The current GDMI bouquet contains credentials for career-starters; for young professionals moving up on the curve; and senior Digital Marketing professionals looking at digital leadership roles. All GDMI Credentials prove the above-par proficiencies, promise, and potential of certified individuals to understand the business and organizational challenges; to leverage the science of marketing in developing and designing Digital Marketing plans and programs for organizations; and executing clutter-busting Digital Marketing initiatives, campaigns, and programs.

Check out the powerful GDMI Credentials here – the world’s most complete international certification programs for Digital Marketing professionals

  • Associate Digital Marketing Professional
  • Digital Marketing Professional
  • Senior Digital Marketing Professional
  • Global Digital Marketing Leader
  • Thought-Leading Digital Excellence

    The GDMI-DMPX framework for excellence-critical knowledge bones out what is the world’s first and the most well-rounded model for validating and assuring professional promise and potential in the Digital Marketing space. With extensive research and widely recognized industry leadership in the digital marketing industry landscape, this framework is regarded as the most comprehensive by far.

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  • Leading-Edge Qualifications

    GDMI Credentials are classed as leading-edge qualifications because of their rigorous bent for 360-degree validation of Digital Marketing knowledge, moving way beyond search engine optimization and social media marketing. Being not only accepted but appreciated, these credentials are designed to provide the much needed advantage to qualify for above- par opportunities in the digital marketing industry, anywhere in the world.

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  • For Leading-Edge Careers

    Contrary to most other training-oriented Digital Marketing certification programs leading just to those commonplace, average-paying SEO, and web-analytics jobs; the GDMI Credentials are designed high-end, and aim at shaping up professionals for the highest-paying, most prestigious Digital Marketing careers with opportunities to make larger, wider, and more visible impacts on businesses.

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