GDMI is a premier global credentialing body for Digital Marketing professionals.

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GDMI Credentials are fleshed out of the GDMI Digital Marketing Professional Excellence Framework (DMPX Release: 15-2.3) and governed in accordance to the GDMI Digital Marketing Body of Knowledge (DMBoK).

The GDMI-DMPX knowledge standards framework defines dimensions in which possession of knowledge is critical for aspiring and harnessed Digital Marketing professionals to achieve professional excellence. Exams for GDMI Credentials are based on the DMPX-pivoted GDMI-DMBoK and available in 178 countries on the GDMI-Pearson CBT platform.


GDMI-DMBoK Ver.15-1.2

  • The GDMI-DMBoK Ver.15-1.2 contains a re-cast and re-defined Digital Profession. For the world's leading Digital Marketing educators and trainers, the GDMI-DMBoK enunciates the GDMI-DMPX Release: 15-2.3 - the most state-of-the-art and scientific knowledge framework for Digital Sales & Marketing Industry, and hence acts as a gold standard for developing content, curricula, and the latest training methods required for breeding world-class professionals.

  • Technically, the GDMI-DMBoK contains a detailed description on the form and evolution of the unique GDMI thoughts, models, and paradigms on Digital Marketing – with the GDMI-DMPX Release: 15-2.3 knowledge framework being the prime subject. It also contains standards and instructions for examinees, training partners, content-developers, question-designers, and assessors. However, the GDMI-DMBoK importance is maximum because it contains the official GDMI specification of knowledge – or a prescription of areas and topics in which professionals need to possess knowledge if they desire to obtain any of the four GDMI Certifications – Associate Digital Marketing Professional (ADMP), Digital Marketing Professional (DMP), Senior Digital Marketing Professional (SDMP), and Global Digital Marketing Leader (GDML).

  • Exams for these GDMI Certifications carry questions from the knowledge areas and topics etc., contained in the latest version of the GDMI-DMBoK Ver.15-1.2. The 10 Necessary Knowledge Nodes of the GDMI-DMPX Release: 15-2.3 knowledge-framework form the bedrock for the GDMI Exam Structure and Assessment Policy, as contained in the GDMI-DMBoK Ver.15-1.2. In all, nearly 100 topics are covered in GDMI exams, covering all aspects in which Digital Marketing connects with, and is impacted by business, management, strategy, organization, marketing, digital technology, and process.

  • The GDMI learning resources for examinees called the Digital Marketing-Smart Kits are designed and written in exact accordance to the stipulations contained in GDMI-DMBoK Ver.15-1.2 on the curricula, process, and content of Digital Marketing education/ learning/ training.


  • GDMI-DMPX Release: 15-2.3 knowledge framework is the world’s first and the only research-curated professional excellence assurance model for the Digital Marketing profession today. It enunciates the architecture of essential knowledge which individuals planning to enter the Digital Marketing profession or those who are already working in the profession need to possess to be able to consistently perform at high levels of excellence.

  • The GDMI-DMPX framework standardizes what Digital Marketing professionals need to know, understand, and be able to do on the basis of a GDMI Credential. In a related vein, the framework also demonstrates how professionals can advance to higher levels of credential-qualifications within the GDMI credentialing system. The GDMI Certifications are available in 178 countries via the GDMI-Pearson global network; and training companies, workforce development agencies, higher-education institutions, universities, business schools, and colleges around the world are joining GDMI platform.

  • Benchmarked to the market needs and Digital Marketing learning standards and curricula of the most important global business regions, the GDMI-DMPX™ Release: 15-2.3 serves as the most reliable global standards-framework on Digital Marketing knowledge for professionals and corporations around the work.

Standards Control & Management

GDMI Credentialing Research & Innovation Committee (CRIC)

The CRIC, formed of leading international researchers, thinkers, practitioners, and innovators in marketing and digital business validates and accredits all GDMI frameworks, standards, credentialing policies, and certification exam structure and procedures. CRIC’s quarterly audits, reviews, and recommendations help keep the GDMI knowledge body on Digital Marketing current, fresh, and marked-to-industry.

CRIC's chief responsibilities include spearheading research on emerging Digital Marketing trends and attendant impacts on professional knowledge requirements; industry validation of GDMI credentials and related exam-curricula and prescribe and advise on training and content-related issues.

Applicability & Relevance

All GDMI Credentials remain constantly and comprehensively marked-to-market. CRIC’s ongoing research tabs trends in all six global business geographies, sweeping across all continents, economies, and geo-political zones. The DMPX framework as well as the GDMI Certification exam curricula undergo regular updates, upgrades, and adjustments in terms of knowledge areas covered; assessment mechanisms deployed; and professional role-needs addressed to ensure GDMI stays mapped to the professional knowledge and talent needs of the Digital Marketing community internationally. CRIC manages the GDMI credentialing ecosystem deploying the three sacrosanct principles of Pan-Vertical, Cross-Sectoral Relevance & Suitability, Geographic-Independence & Pan-World Applicability, and Platform & Technology Neutrality.

While Platform & Technology Neutrality ensures GDMI validates and credentials professional capacities, promise, and potential of digital marketers without any bias for specific technology platforms or digital solution vendors; the Pan-Vertical, Cross-Sectoral Relevance & Suitability principle assures industry that the GDMI credentialed can work equally well across the product-service, business-social, and SME-large divides. The fact that GDMI Credentials are available in 178 countries punctuates the Geographic-Independence & Pan-World Applicability advantage for professionals and companies from around the world.