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Time to Head to the Top!

GDML is the most noteworthy recognition of the digital leadership capabilities, potential, and accomplishments of senior marketers, account managers, and client-servicing heads in businesses, marketing consulting firms, and advertising agencies, validating their suitability for roles right up at the top of the pecking order of digital hierarchy – the CMO or the CDO.

Validating your acumen for building powerful digital strategies and leading their execution for great marketing results, the DMPX-pivoted GDML is a testimony of your capacities, knowledge, leadership potential, and promise to handle a dozen of the most critical Digital Marketing dimensions.


Pre-registrations are currently open for the spanking new GDML version marked to the updated GDMI-DMBoK Ver 11-4.4 launching August 31, 2017.

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GDML Exam Fee: $ 650 USD

The GDML Certified is the Next CDO

With the digital rising to the top of the strategic agendas of Transnational corporations, leading consulting firms, high-impact government bodies, global ad agencies, and even the bubbly young start-ups around, the Chief Digital Officer is among the hottest of the new C-positions. GDML is as elite a recognition around for the most accomplished of senior marketing professionals as you can find anywhere. GDML demonstrates most powerfully the capabilities, promise, and potential of certified senior marketing managers and vice-presidents to leverage the digital to deliver consistently high marketing results in the largest and most global of companies, agencies, tech-developers, and digital solution providers.

The GDML Credential becomes a most thumping validation of the leadership metal, acumen, and worthiness of professionals simply because of the robust credentialing and validation system founded on the world’s most rigorous and comprehensive Digital Marketing knowledge framework – the GDMI DMPX Release: 15-2.3.

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The moment you decide you have to look at a bigger, swankier marketing career, just storm right into the GDML segment on the GDMI website, anytime of the day – or better still – even in the night! Pick a coffee. Just click Apply. And within minutes, you’ll be done – registered for what is the world’s most powerful qualification senior marketing professionals can earn today! Everything happens smooth: you apply; you complete your GDML registration; schedule your GDML exam and pay-up for it using your credit card on the Pearson website; and receive a couple of email notes from us – all before you finish your coffee! In the meanwhile, your smart GDML Digital Marketing Deck is already being shipped on its way to you.

World-class Learning Deck on Digital Marketing

Individuals registered for the GDML program are provided with the GDML Digital Marketing Deck. Unlike other certification bodies, GDMI neither asks individuals registered for GDML Certification to purchase any such text or kits from any external organization, nor does it charge extra for this Digital Marketing Deck. This kit is provided completely FREE to all registrants across the world after GDMI has approved their candidacy for GDML, and their payment of the program registration fee is through.

The GDML Digital Marketing Deck contains printed and electronic resources with complete information on the GDML Certification as well as the latest on GDMI standards and Digital Marketing theory and practice. It’s a kit for life for all GDML certified professionals.

Please do report any instance or experience of yours in which you were asked to pay separately for the GDML Digital Marketing Deck, or you observed any attempt by a person or a store or an entity to sell the Digital Marketing Deck. It is reiterated that the Digital Marketing Deck is NOT for sale in the open market and not available on book stores anywhere in the world. The kit is ONLY meant to be provided complimentary to every individual who has been finally accepted and registered by GDMI under the GDML program.

The GDML is Digitally Badged

Just like all great qualifications & designations today around the world are, your GDML Credential too is digitally badged – by CredBadge. Now see your GDML-stamped resume creating that awesome digital footprint of its own! You can be searched by the best of global employers – and found in the group of world’s most promising young Digital Marketing professionals!

The Candidacy Tracks

Ways to Become a GDML

The following table summarizes the specifics of what it takes to become a GDML. There are TWO convenient tracks – For students/ professionals with different levels of formal education and experience to earn a GDML!

  • Minimum Qualification Required Should have completed Master's Degree/ Master's Level Diploma in Business/ Computer Science/ Technology/ Other Related Disciplines

    Minimum Work Experience Minimum 8 Years of experience in any of the marketing sub-functions

  • Minimum Qualification Required Should have completed Master's Degree/ Master's Level Diploma in Business/ Computer Science/ Technology/ Other Related Disciplines from any of the GDMI-Recognized institutions

    Minimum Work Experience Minimum 6 Years of experience in any of the marketing sub-functions

Getting the GDML - A Preview of the Journey

There are eight distinct stages of your journey toward becoming a GDML. Here's what these stages look like. Of course, we've just tried to take you through a quick tour, so many of the details may be missing. You may Contact Us for more information.

The GDML Journey

  • 1CHECK -

    Check if you fit the GDML candidacy requirements.

  • 2APPLY +

    If you meet the GDML candidacy criteria, please fill out the online application form for the GDML program from your myGDMI account available on Click here to create your myGDMI account.


    Once you have finished applying, please wait for our acknowledgement response email with instructions for the next course of actions regarding assessments etc. Simultaneously, we also initiate the process for assessing your candidacy and to arrive at a prima-facie or a provisional decision about your fit for the GDML Credential.


    An internal check is conducted to validate your credentials against the prescribed candidacy prerequisites for earning the GDML.


    Check your emails on the GDMI-registered mailbox for a communication from Pearson VUE. These emails contain your Authorization-To-Test (ATT) and Web Account details, which will help you to create your Web Account. Click Here, if you have your Pearson Web Account login information and the ATT details, and want to schedule your exam now.


    Post your payment confirmation, one unit of the GDML Digital Marketing Deck containing reading and learning material is shipped to the address you have registered with us.


    You get 225 days from the date of registration and successful payment to prepare for and complete your online GDML exams, which you can take in a Pearson Test Center nearest to you. The books included in the GDML Digital Marketing Deck should help you brace up nicely for your GDML Certification exam. Please read more about GDML exams in the dedicated section on the subject

  • 8AWARD +

    If you qualify the GDML exam and meet other conditions laid down by the DMPCB, you are recommended for the award of the GDML Credential and the GDML Digital Badge is immediately issued to you. You can expect the shipment of the physical pack of credential to reach you within three to four weeks of the date of the award.

GDML Learning & Exam Coverage - Quickview

Though the GDML Digital Marketing Deck is designed as a study and preparation resource for the online GDML Certification examination, it has been put together for a larger purpose of helping aspiring digital marketers build longer–lasting sets of skills and a more penetrative Digital Marketing perspective. The GDML Digital Marketing Deck contents, therefore, seek to develop in learners, a strong and complete generic, as well as platform-based understanding of the concepts, principles, tools, techniques, and technologies required in Digital Marketing management.

Indeed, while the Wiley–produced kit has been developed around the GDMI Digital Marketing Professional Excellence Framework (DMPX), the idea behind its design, coverage, content and structure is also to provide to aspiring digital marketers, a liberal exposure to all important proprietary platforms in vogue in Digital Marketing practice areas currently, and concurrently, they can prepare themselves rightly for the GDML Certification examinations as well.
The contents of the GDML Digital Marketing Deck straddle all essential knowledge areas – divided up into 12 sections or modules.

DM# Necessary Knowledge Pre-Requisite Dimensions GDML
DM-1 Theoretical Framework of Digital Marketing 9%
DM-2 Digital Marketing Ecosystem in Organizations 12%
DM-3 Functional & Technology Framework for Digital Marketing 10%
DM-4 Digital Leadership & Stochastic Decision-Making 10%
DM-5 Search Engine Marketing & Virtual Presence Optimization 10%
DM-6 Managing Marketing Through Social Mediums 5%
DM-7 Managing Paid Modes in Digital Marketing 12%
DM-8 Listening & Reputation Management 12%
DM-9 Content Marketing Management 8%
DM-10 Email Marketing Management 3%
DM-11 Mobile Marketing Management 3%
DM-12 Web Analytics Principles & Techniques 6%

Credential Maintenance & Renewal

Renewal is mandatory to keep your certification live and current. You are required to renew your GDML Credential every 5 years. When you renew, you show your continuing competence and commitment to the profession. GDMI will send you reminder emails for renewal of your credential or log into myGDMI account and register for GDML renewal. In order to receive email reminders from GDMI, please make sure to keep your email address current. Please note that training is not mandatory for renewal and you only have to register and complete a short–duration online refresher learning program as per the latest DMBoK (GDMI’s Digital Marketing Body of Knowledge) along with a small online assessment.

Renewing your GDML Credential

  • Step 1. Apply for GDML renewal by logging into myGDMI account on
  • Step 2. Pay your GDML renewal fee online.
  • Step 3. Complete the prescribed online learning program & assessment.
  • Step 4. Receive instant confirmation for credential renewal.
  • Step 5. Get your renewed GDML Credential certificate & a new digital badge.

GDML Credential Renewal Policy – 2017

  • Life of the Credential (in years from the date of award) +

    The GDML Credential is valid for 5 years. Credential-holders will be required to renew their GDML Credential – as applicable or permissible – for continuation of their credential beyond 5 years.

  • Standard Credential Renewal Duration +

    The GDML Credential is renewable every 5 years, by paying the prescribed fee (Refer to the fee schedule, GDMLR-1).

  • Standard Credential Renewal Window +

    The GDML Credential Renewal Window will open 2 months before the expiry of the credential.

  • Standard Credential Renewal Deadline +

    Before the expiry of the credential validity, e.g.; if the credential, was awarded on April 1, 2014, the Standard Renewal Deadline will be March 31, 2019 i.e. 5 years after the award of the credential. If the GDML Credential is not renewed by the deadline, the GDMI online directory carrying Credential Information of individuals around the world will show “Renewal Due” for a Convenience Period of 60 days, against the name of the credential-holder whose GDMI Credential awaits renewal.

  • Credential Renewal Convenience Period +

    A GDML Credential can be renewed within maximum 60 days from the date it expires, by paying the prescribed fee (Refer to the fee schedule, GDMLR-2). If renewal formalities are not completed within the convenience period, the system automatically puts the credential into the temporary Freeze or Suspension Mode.

  • Credential Freeze and Suspension +

    If not renewed during the Credential Renewal Convenience Period of 60 days from the Standard Renewal due date, the GDMI system automatically puts the credential into the temporary Freeze or Suspension mode, and the credential-holder is required to apply for Reactivation of the credential within maximum 12 months from the date of suspension.

    For this duration, the official GDMI online directory carrying Credential Information of individuals around the world will flash the term "Suspended (Reactivation due)" against the name of the individual whose GDMI Credentials have been frozen/ suspended.

    Applications for Reactivation can be made directly through their individual myGDMI account, by paying the prescribed fee (Refer to the fee schedule, GDMLR-3). If individuals fail to reactivate their suspended credentials, GDMI system will cancel the credentials in question. Cancelled credentials can however be Revived.

  • Credential Cancellation & Revival +

    If not reactivated within the stipulated maximum 12 months from the date of suspension, the GDML Credential will be cancelled. However, the credential-holder will get one final chance to appeal for its revival by writing an email to This appeal has to be made within 30 days of the date of cancellation of the credential. In the event, a cancelled credential’s revival application is not submitted within the stipulated 30 days, GDMI summarily withdraws the credential from the credential-holder, including all the privileges attendant to the credential. Individuals whose credentials have been withdrawn by GDMI will be required to apply as fresh applicants.

  • Validity of a Renewed Credential +

    The renewed SDMP Credential’s validity will start 1 day after the expiry of the previously awarded credential. E.g.; if the credential is expiring on March 31, 2019, the renewed credential validity will start from April 1, 2019 irrespective of the actual date of renewal for the next 5 years and so on.

GDML Renewal Fee Schedule

Schedule Code Renewal Categories Fees Deadline
GDMLR-1 Standard Renewal USD 200 Before the expiry of the credential validity
GDMLR-2 Renewal During The
Convenience Period
USD 250 Within maximum 60 days from the due date
GDMLR-3 Renewal/ Reactivation After Suspension USD 300 Within maximum 12 months from the date of suspension
GDMLR-4 Renewal/ Revival After Cancellation USD 350 Within 30 days from the date of cancellation

The GDML Credential Pack - Elegantly Powerful!

This jaw-dropping credential pack will wait for you from the moment you complete your GDML registration. It will be yours once you qualify your GDML Certification assessments and other documentation pre-requisites. The box includes a printed GDML certificate, a GDML designation pin (a smart metal badge), and the GDML Ethics booklet.

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