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Impacts & Insights

Comprehensive. Complete. Leadership-Focused

Charging up their marketing with the concepts, science, and technologies of the Digital - that’s what GDMI believes the Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) should be doing to manage their products, brands, customer-relationships, and market shares more effectively amidst and despite uncertainty.

The Digital drives strategic thought and action in the new millennium and decides winners. This spells out a sharp agenda for CMOs too. One, going digital should not limit to investments in technology alone. Two, strategy cannot be sacrificed at the altars of the Digital. Three, making marketing go digital demands restructuring of the marketing organization. And four, professionals proficient in the digital ways of handling marketing should man and lead the Digital Marketing function. GDMI Credentials and knowledge framework help CMOs embrace, integrate, and execute these ideas conveniently to re-invent and re-energize the marketing function successfully.

Charging up the Enterprise with a Digital Consciousness

The GDMI Credentials and the GDMI-DMPX knowledge framework- the Digital Marketing Professional Excellence framework, serve to enrich the practice and function of marketing in organizations through the emerging Digital concepts, models, and methods.

Employing GDMI Credentials as benchmarks and reflectors of excellence-potential and professional-readiness for Digital Marketing roles in hiring and performance improvement activities helps build the digital consciousness right into the very DNA of organization, impacting all departments. Needless to say, GDMI-certified Digital Marketing professionals certainly exhibit significantly higher potential and capabilities of improving the all-round quality of marketing and sales decisions. To know more about how GDMI Credentials can help organizations empower their marketing through the Digital, drop a line to us today.

Building the World’s Most Elite League of Digital Marketers

GDMI certified marketing & sales professionals set the bar highest when it comes to using the art and science of Digital Marketing to make long term impacts on their organizations. GDMI, through its network of associates and partners, operates several international initiatives with universities, talent-breeders, and business corporations around the world to help young marketing & sales professionals and career-starters earn & acquire GDMI certifications, and join the global club of the most advanced practitioners of Digital Marketing. By 2020, GDMI estimates building a global community of over 20000 top-bracket GDMI credentialed specialist professionals and leaders with unmatched expertise in augmented marketing & sales. Write to us today if you also want your company or organization to join the GDMI Training/ Educator network.

Infusing Business-Focus into Digital Marketing

GDMI credentialed professionals connect Digital Marketing with business strategy most sharply, and hence reflect a much higher promise of delivering far improved marketing results. GDMI studies over the last three years on Digital Marketing challenges in organizations reveal a disturbing trend of Digital Marketing being perceived only as an admixture of technology, social media, and SEO. This leads to marketing acts in many organizations playing out of sync with their otherwise sharp and effective market and product strategies. GDMI standards operate on more comprehensive and spherical percept of Digital Marketing with business-focus thoroughly integrated into the Digital Marketing knowledge framework. Hiring the GDMI-certified implies building a robust, more complete, and rich marketing framework in which programs and actions are always business and strategy linked.

Unshackling Digital Marketing from Technology

In its first phase, Digital Marketing seems to writhe and wriggle as a slave of technology. Adoption of the digital ways in marketing around the world is fraught with one common challenge: organizations and their CMOs being unable to rise above technology while designing and executing their shift to the digital. GDMI standards-framework unambiguously puts technology in its place; bringing strategy, business models, and competitiveness-requirements up back into the priority zone. GDMI certified marketing & sales professionals are driven more by strategy, process, and core marketing thoughts, than by technology alone. The GDMI model of professional excellence in Digital Marketing serves to push technology back into its boots and frees up Digital Marketing for more pervasive impacts on the businesses of organizations.

Decision & Process Robustness to Digital Marketing Practice

Making Digital Marketing work for business is all about making the organization agile to the needs of speed and of being right, the first time. Sustained effectiveness of marketing in organizations pivots on the structure, systems, and processes within and through which marketing decisions are taken and executed. Erratic, knee-jerk, reactionary Digital Marketing acts do not deliver. The GDMI-DMPX™ knowledge framework prescribes exhaustive focus to marketing systems, processes, and decision-management systems in the practice of Digital Marketing in organizations. GDMI-credentialed Digital Marketing professionals exhibit the strategy-drives-digital approach, integrating revenues and sales funnels seamlessly with product management systems.

Establishing Professional Excellence Yardsticks

GDMI focuses on breeding the digital leaders of the future – those, who will deftly, confidently, and maturely handle all the forces that impact revenues, customer base, expansion, and brands of organizations.

GDMI Credentials are fleshed around GDMI-DMPX framework, the world’s most powerful knowledge model for excellence in Digital Marketing profession and practice. Validating promise, proficiencies, and potential for professional excellence across 10 capstone Necessary Knowledge-Nodes, the GDMI Certification programs have their credentialing policies, exam structure, and award protocols derived from the GDMI-DMBoK Release15-2.1 – the Digital Marketing Body of Knowledge.

The certifications sweep across 10 DMBoK capstone knowledge areas – Digital Business Concepts; Digital Marketing Management; Threat Analysis & Reputation Management; SEO, Web-Analytics & Virtual Presence Maximization; Content Marketing; Management of Social Media Marketing; Monetization and Pay-Per-Click program management; Email-based Marketing; Omni-Channel Marketing; and Mobile Marketing and Advertising – covering the entire spectrum of dimensions critical for Digital Marketing success in the ever-evolving Digital Marketing landscape.

Driving up Enterprise Marketing Results

GDMI-certified professionals show significantly high and demonstrated potential of propelling business and growth of organizations, as they instinctively deploy an integrated approach to marketing & sales practice, leading to the building of sturdier and smarter, stronger and more effective mechanisms for correct and swift marketing actions and reactions. More importantly, the impacts of GDMI Credentials on organizations are clearly felt on organizations’ agility and readiness to thrive in change. GDMI-aligned Digital Marketing professionals are more agile, and hence lend top management a strong hand in handling expansion, diversification, and new product introduction. Addition of new horizontals or verticals, or both, hence becomes far easier to manage through marketing bolstered and integrated with the digital.

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Enriching Digital Marketing Education & Learning

Uniquely designed GDMI credentialing programs and initiatives for premier global universities, business schools, and marketing & sales institutions seek to build the state-of-the-art and science of Digital Marketing into their marketing & sales and business education and learning curricula. In the same vein, GDMI Corporate credentialing programs for large corporations help business organizations adapt the latest GDMI knowledge standards on Digital Marketing for benchmarking capabilities of their marketing & sales staffers and managers. GDMI-DMBoK-aligned training curricula that universities and corporations adopt to prepare individuals for the rigorous GDMI certification exams expose them to the groundbreaking GDMI-DMPX– the world’s most authoritative professional knowledge framework curated after years of comprehensive global research.

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