GDMI is a premier global credentialing body for Digital Marketing professionals.

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University & Institutional Partnership

Higher education centers, universities, and business schools can join our network as our critical partner of breeding Digital Marketing experts of the future. We have identified universities and business schools as highest-potential centers of excellence in Digital Marketing training and certifications, and ideal for nurturing Digital Marketing professionals of today and tomorrow. Partner universities and business schools enjoy access to the latest learning mechanisms, credentialing apparatus, and standards which ultimately enable them to develop their undergraduate and graduate students for sparkling careers in Digital Marketing.

To know more about how your institution can board the growing GDMI network, write to us.

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Training Provider Partnership

Digital Marketing is the hottest of emerging professional and corporate training areas. Companies across verticals are getting their marketing staffers and managers re-tooled for new-age business, making Digital Marketing training and certifications a big-budget agenda. For Training companies, the Authorized Training Provider license facilitates the swiftest, smoothest entry into this exciting Digital Marketing training space.

Write to us now to understand more on how a GDMI partnership can take your training business to a new level.

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Partnering GDMI not only introduced us to the state-of-the art in Digital Marketing; it also helped us to understand why knowing digital technology alone would never make our marketers and sales guys excel in Digital Marketing.

Why Partner GDMI

The GDMI global partner program opens up attractive business opportunities for entrepreneurs, institutions, and training companies in the rapidly growing Digital Marketing space. GDMI partners connect with renowned global industrial, social, and government organizations; and reap business advantages flowing out from the prominence and reputation of GDMI.

The WORLD-CLASS Advantage +

A GDMI partner gets automatic, immediate access to the world’s finest resources on systems, processes, standards, capacity building, curricula, training content, books, instructors’ material, business processes, and marketing assistance. This “world-class” translates into starting big, right, and with the tried and the tested.

The BRAND Advantage +

GDMI is the foremost global brand in Digital Marketing thought, practice, and credentialing. This BRAND advantage naturally flows into the businesses of our partners as well, and gives them immediate visibility and high recall in their territory; reducing costs of brand building significantly, and generating a quick “pull” in the market. This “BRAND” advantage – again - translates into starting out as a leader and as an established brand.


In fact, most developing countries today are “sellers’ markets” for GDMI partners. All GDMI offerings are unique, unmatched, and generally towering over competition, if any. This easily means that GDMI partners have the immense first-mover profitability advantage in most markets as their offerings are positioned as premium right from the beginning. Add to this the unrivalled GDMI support and assistance, which brings down marketing and operational costs, and also the costs of “waiting” and gestation for partners. This combination of premium-pricing and costs-reduction jacks up the profitability of GDMI partners across the world.


GDMI has a rich repository of globally accepted, tested, practiced, and circulated standards and knowledge in Digital Marketing. This includes systems, processes, mechanisms, books, training material, and other learning aids. This “CONTENT” advantage means that GDMI partners start world-class and do not invest time and capital on developing their own resources.

The OPERATIONS Advantage +

GDMI certifications and offerings are managed through the world’s most advanced global delivery platform of CredForce - connecting up experts and specialists from various fields, and integrating their knowledge to create a world-class Partner Assistance system and associated programs. All GDMI partners enjoy world-class and comprehensive partner assistance and support services founded on this robust Partner Assistance system. These services help partners prepare fast for launching their businesses and also operate right. The famed GDMI Assistance Program for GDMI partners includes active business incubation support, business & marketing strategy support, complete communication design support, and manpower preparation.

The LEADERSHIP Advantage +

The LEADERSHIP status of GDMI in Digital Marketing credentialing lends an immediate LEADERSHIP advantage to all GDMI partners. This advantage also means getting automatic, immediate access to the state-of-the-art in training, instruction, knowledge learning, systems, and standards; and also the latest in managing business operations. This “LEADERSHIP” translates into starting big, right, and as a leader.

The MINDSHARE Advantage +

GDMI engages with international leaders enjoys the largest mind-share among policy makers, governments, companies, and professionals globally. For a GDMI Partner, this “MINDSHARE” advantage translates into starting out from a position of strength and with much lesser marketing efforts required for generating the first sales. So with us, a Training Partner is never a start-up – because it has the headstart advantage.

The GROWTH Advantage +

Training, certification, education, consulting, and learning systems development in Digital Marketing are high-growth domains in most parts of the world, and being with GDMI gives our partners the quickest access to a large market-share in a growing market. This GROWTH advantage means a long term business prospect for a GDMI partner.


GDMI partners get to offer the world’s most renowned sets of certifications in Digital Marketing. This means that in their respective markets, our partners are the only organizations where professionals, companies, and governments can obtain international Digital Marketing certification solutions.


Becoming a GDMI partner, now, has become a single-channel, 15-day affair, with exceedingly fast and prompt processing of applications and validations etc., managed efficiently by specialist CredForce teams worldwide.

Partnering GDMI is connecting up your business with the profits of GLOBAL DIGITAL MARKETING


Explore Now!

The GDMI paradigms, standards, and certifications are set for a steady, swift spread across the world. Our exclusive service-provider partner, CredForce, has mounted a series of initiatives and programs to accelerate the growth of the GDMI worldwide network. We actively look at partnering industry chambers, professional associations, institutions, policy makers, consulting firms, and other business-non-business institutions. The overarching objective of the GDMI strategic partnership is to explore fresh and more effective channels for reaching out the GDMI thoughts, knowledge, standards, and certifications to organizations and professionals swiftly and affordably.

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