GDMI is a premier global credentialing body for Digital Marketing professionals.

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Become a
Training Partner!

Become a
Training Partner!

Marketing departments of most global firms and large local organizations are keenly looking at making their marketing and sales staffers competent in Digital Marketing. Through our Training Provider partnership program, we seek to build a worldwide network of Authorized Training providers composed of smart GDMI-licensed Training companies with specialist capabilities of handling top-of- the-line Digital Marketing & Business training, backed by the robust GDMI credentialing mechanism.

Now you can also partner GDMI to obtain the unbeatable GDMI-edge by adding GDMI Certification preparatory training to your portfolio. A GDMI partnership facilitates for you a rapid access to world-class knowledge, systems, and expertise in Digital Marketing, and helps you expand fast, increase your topline, and improve your business profitability.

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Becoming a licensed GDMI Education & Training Partner opens up a whole new world of opportunities for your training outfit - right from pushing up your brand perception, to loading of your portfolio with the state-of-the-art in Digital marketing, internationally.

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  • Get your company to join the global league of smartest GDMI-aligned training companies.
  • Embed GDMI's international DMPX-based certification system and quick-start your Digital Marketing training operations with the GDMI-Certified registered professionals.
  • Get all system, material, and exam support!

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