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The 2016 GDMI Recognized University List


Recruiters visiting campuses today, for hiring young Digital Marketing professionals, increasingly probe graduating students for qualifications and competencies in Digital Marketing. Through its university recognition program, GDMI seeks to empower institutions around the world with the specialist GDMI credentialing mechanism that helps graduating Digital Marketing students rapidly expand their attractiveness for the most renowned organizations.

GDMI has identified higher education centers and management institutions as ideal for breeding the Digital Marketing thought–leaders and professionals of tomorrow. We are keenly looking out for collaborating and partnering with eminent institutions to build a strong global network of GDMI Academic Excellence Partners. GDMI helps these institutions enrich their regulation academic programs with the powerful GDMI Credentials, and offers value-added education. We welcome your institution to join this growing GDMI network as our mission-critical partners for breeding young and new–age digital marketing experts and professionals. As authorized GDMI Academic Excellence Partners, universities, and business schools are equipped with the necessary learning content and credentialing apparatus aligned to the GDMI-DMPX Release-15-2.3.

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"One key impact the GDMI will make on marketing departments of middle-sized companies is on their understanding of the importance of balancing technical content with content that resonates emotionally as well. Training Provider Partners of GDMI have a terrific advantage here as they have access to standards that help clients develop the right digital marketing talents who carry insights like these."

Client Accounts Director of a leading British Digital Marketing firm

"A degree in Marketing or Sales from the university is no longer fetching jobs to our students. Not just the quality of offers has dipped drastically in the last three years; we’re hard-pressed for finding jobs for all of them in the batch. Those students, who added skills in areas like internet marketing or social media on their own, beat the darkness, though. I definitely believe being with GDMI will easily and swiftly help us reposition ourselves into breeders of talents who are trained in Digital Marketing as well. This is exactly where Digital Marketing adds the most critical values for business students."

Dean of the Faculty of Business in one of East Africa’s top-10 b-schools

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Partnering GDMI opens up a whole new world of opportunities and benefits for institutions – right from pushing up the employability of students, to enrichment of the institution’s Digital Marketing learning-training programs with the state-of-the-art in Digital Marketing, internationally.

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  • Join the list of elite global institutions following the GDMI-DMPX - the Digital Marketing knowledge standards framework.
  • Install GDMI's international certification system within campus and get your alumni & students GDMI certified.
  • Embed DMPX and the specialized GDMI Digital Marketing learning within your Digital Marketing curricula.

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