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The Groundbreaking…

The GDMI Digital Dialogues event-program has been conceived to get Digital Marketing & Business stakeholders together on varying platforms for interesting, yet serious and no-frills exchange of thoughts and ideas on how can digital concepts and technologies be made to deliver bigger impacts on the way companies manage products, brands, and customers, as well as retain and expand customer-base effectively. While the Digital Dialogues in universities and institutions seek to push students into dreaming big about Digital Marketing and business, the Digital Dialogues conclaves in organizations peel-off the mundane from Digital Marketing for big-ticket decision-makers in industry and governments, and unveil high-impact possibilities of digital technologies. GDMI Digital Dialogues are about the state-of-the-art and science of Digital Marketing.

GDMI Digital Dialogue Seminars in Universities

GDMI Digital Dialogue seminars are organized in select university and b-school campuses around the world to expose students and faculty-staffers to the state-of-the-art in Digital marketing & business, and also to those exciting new trends and emerging career opportunities in the space. Quite a decent portion of a Digital Dialogue event is dedicated to discussing how students should go about preparing themselves for the very best of jobs and careers in their own countries, and of course, internationally. Indeed, these seminars also give to us at the Global Digital Marketing Institute, an opportunity to spot high-potential institutions, where the specialized GDMI Digital Marketing & business talent breeding programs can be mounted for students, and GDMI merit- and need-based scholarships or fellowships can be distributed. Local and international experts and leading recruiters form the panel of presenters of Digital Dialogue events. At times, customized career development workshops are also added to the agenda upon requests from host institutions.

GDMI Smart Interface Seminars in Universities

GDMI Digital Dialogue Seminars – Some Themes

The following are some of the themes GDMI Digital Dialogue events in universities are woven around:

  • Getting that Best Marketing Job on the Planet!
  • The Science Behind a Great Digital Career
  • Business is Digital Marketing!
  • Engineering - a Digital Marketing Career!
  • The Digital Planet
  • Inside & Beyond Digital Marketing – How Big is the Promise?
  • Managing the Changeover to Digital Marketing – Challenges & Prospects
  • Technology and Digital Marketing Success
  • The Digital Business Seminar
  • The Digital Marketer’s Roundtable
  • Digital Marketing Careers for Business & Management Students
  • Digital Marketing Careers for Humanities Students
  • Digital Marketing Careers for Technology Students

You can also tell us if there’s something special you want to cover. We’re always listening.

Write to us now if you want a Digital Dialogue event organized in your university or institution.

GDMI Power Seminars for Technology Associations and ICT Industry Chambers

GDMI Digital Dialogue Conclaves for Industry Institutions

The on-demand Digital Dialogue conclaves organized by GDMI for technology associations and industry groups in countries sweep across a wide spectrum of aspects including competitiveness, entrepreneurship, and start-ups in Digital Marketing segment; Digital Marketing talent training and development issues; certification and quality challenges, as well as requirements and opportunities of growth and trade in the Digital Marketing space, among others. The Digital Dialogue events are excellent platforms for member-representatives of Digital Marketing companies to explore exciting GDMI incentives and corporate schemes, through which these companies can swiftly and affordably get their talented marketing and sales professionals and managers credentialed in Digital Marketing by GDMI.

GDMI Digital Dialogue Conclaves for Industry Stakeholders – Some Themes

The following are some of the themes GDMI Digital Dialogue Conclaves for industry stakeholders are woven around:

  • The Digital Dream
  • The Digital Marketing Industry – There’s a Piece for Everybody
  • Inside & Beyond Digital Marketing – Leveraging the Promise
  • Managing the Changeover to Digital Marketing – Challenges & Prospects
  • Digital Marketing Entrepreneurship – Is being a Geek Enough?
  • Building the Digital Marketing Talent pool
  • Digital Marketing Start-ups – The Opportunities
  • The Digital Marketing Value Chain – Where do we Stand?
  • Emerging Digital Marketing Technologies and Products – Perspectives for Growth
  • The Digital Leadership Roundtable

Write to us now if you want a Digital Dialogue organized for your local Digital Marketing industry stakeholders and entrepreneurs.