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Support that makes you smile. That’s what our award-winning team is all about. When you call, you’re going to talk to someone who stays on the line until you have what you need.

Our experience enables organisations to deliver high quality testing and development, encompassing innovation and a tailored made solution designed to meet your needs. We will work towards pre-arranged KPI'S and SLA's, priding ourselves on sharing project risk.

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Benefits of the GDMI Partner Program

As a GDMI Partner, can earn money. Other benefits of the Partner Program include:

  • Expand your earning potential: GDMI is the largest online certification institute in the world, enabling you to reach a global audience with your monetized content.
  • Gain flexibility through a non-exclusive agreement: GDMI doesn't restrict where partners can upload and distribute content, so you can monetize your content on GDMI and other platforms.
  • Track and manage your performance: Use GDMI Analytics to get reports to help you track your GDMI performance and earnings and gain insights that can help you improve.